Thoughts on x-mas❤

My thoughts about Christmas is unity and love in action. Humanity in all its beautiful intricate forms. It reminds me of what a beautiful society I come from which is the Gambia. Christians and Muslims celebrate each others feast as it was there’s. I am a living testimony being that I’m Muslim but I’ve celebrated Christmas with my Christian friends and family. For me the … Continue reading Thoughts on x-mas❤

New face but same old body- case of The Gambia

Its been one year since we ushered in a new regime headed by Mr. Adama Barrow and his cohort ousting out a 22 year old dictatorship. Gambia has had a history of coups, most of which has been peaceful with almost no blood shed, well apart from the 1981 episode and thus this removal of Mr. Jammeh through electoral processes is the breakthrough of the … Continue reading New face but same old body- case of The Gambia


Yes, I know you must have valentine in your mind but no V-day does not mean valentine but a globally recognized way of advocating for an end to VAW. So we celebrated 14th February in a very different way as it is usually celebrated. Worried about the rising rates of violence against women, be it rape, sexual slavery, psychological trauma, verbal abuse, female genital mutilation … Continue reading V-day!

Taking Charge of Issues that Affect Us

Training of Gambian Youth Leaders- Bwiam  As I anticipated the journey to Bwiam which is a town in the West Coast Region of The Gambia and about 2 hours drive from the main city. I had a mixture of emotions reeling inside me, from excitement about meeting other young people like myself, exchanging ideas and networking to a little hesitant as it was my second … Continue reading Taking Charge of Issues that Affect Us